South Alabama—No Cultural Desert Part 2

Eighteen miles south of Wetumpka, Alabama, the Coosa and the Tallapoosa merge to form the Alabama River just north of the state capital of Montgomery.  This city, founded on the site where Native American tribes once flourished on both sides of the river, is steeped in Civil War and civil rights history.  Home to the […]

A Swedish Mystery Series Without Tattoos

When I was five and my girlfriend Judy was four, we used to play movie stars.  I was the blonde Marilyn Monroe, and she was the dark-haired beauty Jane Russell.  Over the years, I confess, I have been rather disappointed that my features bore less and less resemblance to Miss Monroe.  While my dress did […]

Q & A with Author Simon Worrall: Part Two

In yesterday’s post, Part One of my interview,  Simon Worrall discussed what brought him to the story of master forger and pipe bomber Mark Hofmann, how he tracked the connection between Hofmann and a “newly discovered” poem by Emily Dickinson, and how the victims reacted to Hofmann’s deceit.  In today’s post, learn more about the […]

Q & A with Author Simon Worrall: Part One

On July 3rd, I reviewed Simon Worrall’s  The Poet and the Murderer, a nonfiction narrative about master forger and pipe bomber Mark Hofmann, whose  composition of his own Emily Dickinson poem was perhaps the height of his audacity. Mr. Worrall has agreed to answer a few questions both about this book and his career generally. […]

Read This, Then Call Me in the Morning: A Review of The Accidental Tourist

“I’ve just come through a rough patch,” said the customer. “I need to read something uplifting. But,” she wagged a finger, “not shallow. Not fluffy. Not one of those corny romances.” At our bookstore, we often get such requests. Some readers see books as a kind of medicine with the power to make the psyche […]

Art and Artifice: A Review of The Poet and the Murderer

Recently, a Bible signed by Albert Einstein and his wife Elsa in 1932, sold at auction for $68,500.  If you’re a fan of “Antiques Roadshow,” it’s not hard to understand the craze for owning the old and rare. Consider, then, how Daniel Lombardo’s heart beat a bit faster when he learned that a newly discovered […]