Loving the Geegaws

Disclaimer: Chrinda Jones is not associated, in any way, to any of the products mentioned in the post below. I am not one for chasing the new fangled, and I am not easily swayed by promises, but when it occurred to me that the dread I feel toward the daily Tango I dance with Microsoft […]

The Art of the Interview

The first person I ever interviewed roundly criticized my skills. In fact, he said, “You’re the worst interviewer I’ve ever had.” Wow! I was crushed. I was a junior in college and was preparing a story on Kelly’s Seed & Feed and the Schola Cantorum for my feature writing class. I met some of the […]

Freshly Baked Books: A Review of Shadow on the Crown

Published in February, Patricia Bracewell’s debut book, Shadow on the Crown, is fresh out of the oven, and it’s a romp of a book from beginning to end. It has Viking raiders, a beautiful and clever queen, a foolish, distrustful and cruel king haunted by the ghost of his murdered half-brother, a handsome prince who […]

South Alabama—No Cultural Desert, Part 1

A little over 250 miles from Atlanta lies the small Southern town of Monroeville.   Back when I was a child and my family traveled to visit my paternal grandparents, the main attraction of Monroeville was the Vanity Fair Outlet Store, where the prices of everything were reduced by at least one-half. Today the town is […]