The Yin and Yang of Poetry and Community, a Conversation with HawaH: Part 2

The clouds converse Over a glass of sunset. The sky is drunk From light. – “Light” by HawaH, The Poetry of Yoga, V. 2, 35. Yesterday, we celebrated the year anniversary of The Poetry of Yoga, Volume 2. Today let’s take a closer look at HawaH, the man who edited the two volumes and the poet whose […]

The Poetry of Yoga, an Anniversary Celebration: Part 1

There is nothing more I want  Than to join you in the cocoon To know the dreams  That grow wings Butterfly, What is your Dream? –“Transformation” by HawaH, The Poetry of Yoga, Vol. 1, 178 Today we celebrate a dream that grew wings – the year anniversary of The Poetry of Yoga, Volume 2: 12/12/12. […]