By My Halidome! The Use and Overuse of Period Language in Historical Novels

Gentle reader, prithee tarry thou a moment in mine company, for by my troth, a tale I would fain unfold for thee. List and learn… And there you have it: gadzookery, the intemperate and/or unskillful use of archaic language. If you’re a reader of historical fiction, you’re no doubt familiar with the phenomenon. And if, […]

Lynn Cullen Discusses Twain’s End: The Man Behind the Mask, Part I

(Last week, Brenda Lloyd reviewed Lynn Cullen’s latest novel, Twain’s End. If you missed this review, you can read it by clicking here. If you know Cullen only from Mrs. Poe,  you can learn more in my earlier interview, linked here.) Just a little over two years ago, Lynn Cullen published Mrs. Poe, her story […]

Freshly Baked Books: A Review of The Bohemians by Ben Tarnoff

  Before the American coasts were joined by a railroad, there was still magic in the world. OK, maybe not dragons and stuff, but the Far West – the “grand social experiment” in California – was a fascinating caldron of pioneers from the East, luckless prospectors, Latino gentry, and Chinese immigrants. They were financed by […]