Classic Cookbooks—More Than Just Recipes (Part 2)

Many of the cookbooks in my mother-in-law’s vast collection reflected the love of Southern cooking that she never left behind when she moved to Buffalo as a young mother.  One of my favorites is The Southern Heritage Cookie Jar Cookbook in which the diversity of cultures that make up the Southern U. S. is naturally […]

Crossover Books: Not Just for Teens

There is a sneaky little trend in bookstores today, and it concerns what are called “crossover” books—books that may have the designation of pre-teen or teen but are actually read by the “adult” population as well.  Some of this happens naturally when a teen reads something he or she thinks is really cool and wants to share the experience […]

‘Just Can’t Wait to Get on the Road Again’: Book Distribution in the U.S., Part 2

The first installment on U.S. book distribution examined early methods for book sales and delivery, including traveling peddlers to rural areas and stationary peddlers in metropolises.  With the advent of steam-powered transportation, the book distribution network in the U.S. was about to undergo its first major shift. What follows is an introduction to the impact […]

A Wee Taste of Ulster

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, and all things Irish have been on my mind lately because of Patrick Taylor, the author of a series of nine novels my sister recommended to me.  Taylor’s books are informative, entertaining, and well written, and they are wonderful to curl up with by the fire this chilly winter. […]