Freshly Baked Books: A Darker Shade of Sweden

We think of Sweden as dark. Close to the Arctic Circle, the winters are long and frigid with little sunshine. A Darker Shade of Sweden, published by Grove Atlantic’s The Mysterious Press and released January 7, has seventeen short stories by twenty of Sweden’s acclaimed crime writers. About half of the stories are set in […]

Classic Cookbooks—More Than Just Recipes (Part 1)

I begin by admitting that I am a native Georgian who likes to cook, and I imagine that partially explains my fascination with Southern cookbooks and recipes.  I have several boxes of recipes, many of them handwritten by my mother, my grandmothers, my aunts, and women who have been neighbors and friends.   I have also […]

Robert Burns, Very Much at Home in Atlanta

The following is a reprint of an article I did several years ago for my clan journal, Journal of the Clan Campbell Society (North America). (Burns is a sept of Clan Campbell.) January 25th is a day of celebration around the world. From Montana to Moscow, India to Indiana, admirers of Robert Burns honor him with […]

The Wonder of WONDER

 It’s unusual to read on this blog about a book that is primarily intended for the elementary/middle school crowd, but this one is surely an exception.  The title is Wonder by R. J. Palacio, and my granddaughter Lily strongly urged me to read it, as her teacher was reading it to her 4th grade class.  Wonder, a New […]

‘Just Can’t Wait to Get on the Road Again’: Book Distribution in the U.S., Part I

When readers want to buy a book, where do they acquire it? New books can be purchased at big-box retailers like Target, Costco, or Walmart, at a chain bookstore like Barnes & Noble, at an independent bookseller, or online, likely at Amazon. Where individuals purchase books and why, has to do with cost, opportunity, or […]

The Sibley’s Under the Wood Stove

Why David Allen Sibley‘s wonderful 2000 The Sibley Guide to Birds is under the wood stove is not a long story.  It was in the trunk of my car, and the trunk leaked.  Perhaps the interesting part about this situation is that both my husband and I rushed to dry out the Sibley, but we […]