Happy Anniversary to Us!

Saturday night the Readers Unbound gang celebrated its one-year anniversary with lots of good food and drink and chatter. (As an aside, the first anniversary is traditionally celebrated with gifts of paper.  And how appropriate that would have been for a group of writers. Instead, Chrinda brought us individual boxes of chocolate truffles all the way from Texas.)

L-R: Janet, Andrea, Brenda, Jessica, Claudia, Chrinda, Susan, Eve (Chris behind the camera)

L-R: Janet, Andrea, Brenda, Jessica, Claudia, Chrinda, Susan, Eve (Chris behind the camera)

Over the past 12 months we’ve added one new recruit, Andrea, said goodbye to Claudia, and are saying hello to Jessica, whose first post will be in November. We’ve published 73 articles, including 29 book reviews (some on more than one book), 22 features on the writing life, 12 on field trips, as well as assorted articles on storytelling, craft, etc. We now have eight different pages, ranging from a monthly list of author events to two separate lists of book titles we recommend. Along the way, unbound readers from 57 different countries have stopped by for a visit.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about our identity as a blog. I didn’t exactly know who we were a year ago when I wrote the About page.  Here’s what I’ve discovered:

We’re the girls who sat on the front row of our high school English classes raising our hands and not worried about letting the boys know we were smart. You might have found us in the library during lunch, noses in a 400 page book not assigned for a class. Some of us edited the school paper, while others were on the literary magazine or the yearbook. A few of us dreamed of writing the Great American Novel. Were we cheerleaders, majorettes, soccer players? Why not? Lovers of the written word are everywhere.

Blog BFFs Janet and Susan share a smile.

Blog BFFs Janet and Susan share a smile.

We realize we’re not your typical blog.  You probably shouldn’t read us during your lunch hour. Some of our articles run longer than a quick bite.  We don’t have a single “brand.” Just what our logo says, From and to people who love the written word. Each of the eight of us has her own style and interests, so from one week to the next, you can expect something new and different. Having that flexibility keeps us fresh and, I hope, keeps you coming back for more.

So…send us your comments. We love comments. Click the Follow box and receive your posts by email. Follow us on Facebook or on Twitter. If you have a blog and are looking for guest posts, we might be interested in writing them or in hosting something by you.

As we say here in the South, Y’all come back soon, you hear!

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