Freshly Baked Books: A Review of In Her Keeping

Valerie Joan Connors’ latest book, In Her Keeping, is the story of a woman who plummets to her deepest despair and manages to climb out of it and find a better and more fulfilling life. Along the way, Connors serves up a skunk of an unfaithful husband, nefarious characters, some skullduggery, and tigers – lots […]

Obituaries Make Good Reading and Writing

One of my routine activities is reading the daily obituaries published in the local paper.   My enjoyment of these columns has  nothing to do with a fascination with death; to the contrary, it comes from the same part of me that enjoys good biography—an interest in the lives of people.   The columns in The Atlanta […]

Gina Webb, Book Reviewer: A Bridge to Understanding

At the Decatur Book Festival recently, I attended the panel on the art of book reviewing which was made up of three local reviewers and two authors. Since this is a topic of great interest to me as a bookseller, I thought it would make an interesting blog post to increase our collective knowledge. Gina Webb, book reviewer at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, agreed […]

Letters from Eden Feeds the Eye and Soul

 For the past five weeks I have been haunting the Clyde Shepherd Nature Center in metro Atlanta, sometimes with my artists’ group, once with my husband, and several times on my own.  During one of those early visits, a Great Blue Heron caught two blue gills.  The sight of this Ichabod Crane of a bird with a […]

Freshly Baked Books: The Necessary Lies of How To Be a Good Wife

Two new books, both to be published this fall, deal with the uncomfortable reality of women bound in loving chains, women whose lives are painfully reminiscent of the Stepford Wives. How To Be a Good Wife, a debut novel by Emma Chapman, presents Marta, a middle-aged woman distressed over her son’s decision to leave their […]

The Writer’s Voice – A Reader’s Perspective

Editor’s Note: If you received this post earlier, that was in error. I accidentally clicked Publish Immediately instead of Update. The following post is the corrected version, including the real author, Eve Shulmister. I apologize for any confusion. What is a writer’s voice, and why should readers care? If we were talking about music, you’d […]

Freshly Baked Books: The Sins of the Mother

The prophet Ezekiel said: “The son shall not suffer for the iniquity of the father, nor the father suffer for the iniquity of the son. ” (18:19-20)  But what about the sins of the mother? That, I found to be the unifying question in three new novels, published May, June, and July of this year: […]