Loving the Geegaws

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Tango by Medi Belortaja

I am not one for chasing the new fangled, and I am not easily swayed by promises, but when it occurred to me that the dread I feel toward the daily Tango I dance with Microsoft Word might be alleviated by something new and fangled, I sat down and spent some time with my favorite search engine seeking out a new dance partner.

Keeping track of all the bits and pieces involved in writing a manuscript is time consuming. Constantly searching through Word files and notebooks for character profiles, events, character relationships, locations and notes to myself- even more so. I have found the writing process, especially when a new novel is in its beginning stages, creeps along when I must constantly search electronic files and notebook pages for forgotten story and character details. Enter the Godsend that is ‘manuscript organizational software.’

My search led me to several lists which compared MOS programs against each other. The two programs which consistently came out on top of comparison lists were WriteItNow 4 and WriteWay Pro. So I downloaded the free demos from their websites and spent a full afternoon tinkering with their gewgaws.

Which one did I eventually purchase? I chose WriteItNow 4 because I am a very visual person, (hence the color coded 3×5 card layout of my manuscript scotch taped to the wall), and this program meets that visual need. Literally. It automatically creates color coded virtual 3×5 cards for chapters and scenes so I can see which story line I’m neglecting. I can also click and drag any card to any position on the virtual wall, and the program will automatically move the chapter or scene within the manuscript. The program also automatically creates relationship trees between the characters, another plus for visual people.

screen shot of 3x5 cards

Click image to enlarge.

The greatest thing about this program is the way it is so intuitive to use. Every button is exactly what it says it is. Running from left to right at the top of the screen, there are buttons for creating and storing the information I once wrote in notebooks or typed in Word files. As I add detailed information into overview, chapters, characters, events, etc., the text is simultaneously added to the corresponding headings (from top to bottom) on the left hand side of the screen. It is amazing just how detailed this program will let me go with my characters, settings and events. Have you ever stopped to think about to what degree one of your characters dislikes another character? You will now.

second screen shot of work page

Click image to enlarge.

WriteItNow will not create my manuscript for me; it only helps me organize it. It does have some interesting features that could assist with consistency issues, but the program only points out the problems, it won’t solve them. Other features include a built-in dictionary and thesaurus, ebook formatting and the ability to keep track of manuscript submissions when it comes time to shop the novel around.

After two novels and a third in the throes of completion, I find the dance now a more enjoyable endeavor simply because everything I need for my Tango across the room is only a click away. Truthfully, I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner.


Chrinda Jones

Do you use a manuscript organizing program? Tell us which program and why. Are you a diehard Word user? If you are, tell us why.

2 thoughts on “Loving the Geegaws

  1. Wow! Thanks for this. I knew I needed something, but I had no idea that “something” was out there. I’ve spelled my characters’ names two different ways, and I had trouble remembering whether I had written something or merely thought it through. This program certainly should help.

  2. I think most of the writing programs out there are worth taking a look at, WIN 4 just happened to appeal to my visual side as well as my need for organization. At $60 as compared to hundreds in some cases, I feel it’s an amazing bargain considering all it will do. I hope you find a writing program that will fit your needs. By-the-way, I loved your post on missing the country wildlife. Blessings!

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