A Little Mystery Is a Good Thing: The Black Cat by Martha Grimes

Picture this: Two murders, both committed against women who aren’t who they appear to be—women who die dressed in evening dresses unbefitting their station in life and wearing evening shoes that would cost the average person several months’ wages. Add one dog and three cats, that are also not who they appear to be, and […]

War Stories

World War II fascinates me.  I am intrigued by the forces of good and evil, by the choices people are forced to make in order to survive, and by the horrors that people inflict on others or have to endure. I will read any book, see any movie to learn the stories and to try […]

Literary Travel

Almost thirty-five years ago, a vacation trip to California provided the genesis of a hobby that is now a source of infinite pleasure for me and often for my friends and family as well.  Bob, my first husband, was driving as I navigated.  As I studied the map, the old-fashioned kind that I still prefer […]

A Different Kind of Love Story

As Valentine’s Day approaches, thoughts turn to pretty cards, flowers, boxes of chocolates and declarations of love.  I would like to recommend a book that is a love story, to be sure, but one of a son’s love for his mother and of their mutual love of books. Will Schwalbe has written a dear memoir of the […]