Confessions of a Closet FF Writer: Part 2

If you recall, my last posting defined what Fan Fiction is and what writing FF entails. Now that you’ve entered this strange new world, there are a few things you should know about Fan Fiction land.

fans vs police

First: FF encourages everyone, of any skill level, to have a go at writing. No one actively criticizes another author’s work, but people will tactfully offer advice if someone asks. As on any other interactive site, there will be those who are unkind, but on the whole those who inhabit FF land are well meaning folks.

Because FF encourages writers of all abilities to post their works, the quality of postings ranges from very poor to quite accomplished. Most authors encourage reader reviews, but these reviews can be misleading if you’re attempting to base the worthiness of a post by the number of reviews it boasts. Unfortunately there is no way to tell whether a posting is worth a read, except by starting the story.

Second: There are FF stories referred to as ‘crossovers’, which pair two or more story universes together in one story or a series of stories. I don’t read these particular writings because I have a hard time picturing Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a mash-up with the 1940’s BBC period TV series Foyle’s War. No kidding, this is truly a crossover pairing.

Third: there are some risqué and downright pornographic writings out there. A few stories have broadsided me with some explicit bodice ripping over the years, but most authors will add mature ratings to their work as a warning.

Many sites out there do not tolerate pornographic writings, while others do. The following is an article from the Huffington Post which discusses how a particular FF site handled the proliferation of writings far beyond a mature rating. You decide what you think of how the site handled the situation.

Fourth: You will find many postings written by individuals for whom English is a second language. Readers will come from other countries as well. China, France, Denmark and the Netherlands are just a few of the many countries who stop by to read my Fan Fiction.

Here again the range of posting ability is wide, but those who have a tight handhold on English write some very interesting fiction.

I’ll stop here to let you soak it in. Part three will discuss the history of Fan Fiction.  Again, if you’re curious about this particular form of fiction, check out  and

Until then- Cheers!

Chrinda Jones

What is your take on this growing form of fiction?  Have you written Fan Fiction? If  so, would you like to share your experiences? 

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