Confessions of a Closet FF Writer: Part 1

I have a confession to make, a confession so dark and insidious that it could keep me out of the annals of legitimate writers forever if my secret should ever get out. What could be so awful, you ask? What could possibly compromise my future status as a legitimate writer? I’ll tell you, but only […]

A Tribute to Conservation

Roger Moenks is a New York-based fashion photographer who’s also an environmentalist. His recently published coffee-table book, I Am Eco Warrior, is a testament to his concern for what’s happening to our planet home and a thank-you to the many “warriors” out there fighting for it. In his introduction, Moenks quotes a line from Kurt […]

Gift of Mystery

Christmas is right around the corner, and most of us are dashing madly through stores crowded with too many people and too much throbbing music looking for just the right presents.  Working in an independent book store gives me an opportunity, especially at this time of year, to suggest possible gift books for family and friends—the favorite part of […]

City of Light: A City of Intrigue

For fans of historical fiction, romance, murder mysteries, and real life politics, City of Light by Lauren Belfer is a great read.  Her debut novel in 1999, the book made the New York Times Notable Book list.    While the fictional Louisa Barrett is the main character, early 1900’s Buffalo, New York is the real center of the […]